Saving work to the network.
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This guide is to demonstrate to anyone who isn't sure where to save their work the correct location to do so. Following these instructions will ensure that your work is safely stored in the event of any computer hardware failure.


Step 1.

The correct location to save files is within your own personal userspace which is denoted with the drive letter "H". To reach this area from the desktop click on the start menu and then on to computer.

 Step 1

Step 2.

A window will appear with the list of drives that you can access (please note that there may be more drives on listed for yourself than in the figure below). In this list under the network tab will be a drive with the letter "H" as its designation.

 Step 2

Step 3.

This drive is where your files should be stored. Your userspace will have folder names which differ than the ones in the illustration image but as long as you followed this guide you will be in the right place. The importance of this is that the "H" drive refers to a location on our server which has regular back ups made three times per day as well as physical back ups made every week. Any files that are not stored in this location (unless they are on the staff shared area labelled the "I" drive) are at risk of being lost permanently if your PC has a hardware failure.

Step 3

Please also note that any files that are not stored in either of the locations mentioned above will also be stored locally to that PC which means that they will be unavailable if you try to access them from any other PC.

There is a limit of 2gb on the amount of data that can be stored within your userspace. If you reach this limit will will be unable to save within that area. In such an instance it will be necessary to perform a bit of "house-keeping" to remove old files and folders that you no longer use.

Following these rules should ensure that your files are safe and will be available to you regardless of which computer you use within college. If you have any problems with the instructions or information above please contact CSU on ext 3283 or by raising a ticket with



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